From turning-around current operations to looking for growth opportunities, we provide a wide range of services that will help set the strategic direction for the future growth of your company.  In the process, we keep things simple, reduce complexity and focus on delivery of efficiencies and productivity across the business.

  • Strategic Planning

Challenge to growth!


When companies all try to play the same game and strategic herding is in vogue, margins continue to decline. Secondly, most companies see barriers to growth – “The market isn’t there, start price war and cash investment“


However, growth opportunities abound and the challenge of growth is not the marketplace, but the management team. Rising raw material prices, technology, and global marketplace have made strategies and the ability to adapt to change important factors in every industry.

  • Market Positioning

What is your value proposition?


How and where is sustained future growth going to come from?


The value proposition shapes the future plans and decision that a company makes. Retaining a viable customer base and to stop shrinking is the first step, but few people understand that share gain is the toughest way to grow, because to win – someone needs to lose.


Market positioning, adjacent markets and new business ventures usually deliver better return on investment.

  • Creative Design

We’re a fully integrated, business-focused creative team of talented specialists that thrive on making businesses grow. Our bespoke creative strategies and design solutions get results while making marketing spend go further.


Our customers know we do work that resonates with their target market, ultimately improving their bottom line. To us, business is personal and is based on open collaboration to develop sound strategies that deliver exceptional results.

  • Corporate Development

Partnerships & Acquisition


What kind of partnerships and target companies are worth pursuing and what strategies should be used to integrate them? M&A complexity challenges are real but predictable and can be managed; the market/product uncertainty hurts financial returns if flexibility is not built into the plan. Buying a company and getting its systems integrated is one thing, but converting it into a great business is much harder.


“Companies that integrate well improve their return on deals by an average of 14%.”


To improve integration efforts, ensure your firm organizes the integration plans around the strategic drivers of the deal.

  • Product & Service Roadmap

Plan the Future


The path to the future doesn’t come with directions. Our roadmaps help you reach your destination on time. Achieving tomorrow’s goals requires thoughtful planning today. We can help you chart the course and provide the tools you need to realize your vision.


You know where you want to go and we can help you get there. Our planning, business, and technical expertise enables us to bring together the right people to identify priorities and make decisions.


“Let’s go invent tomorrow instead of worrying about what happened yesterday.”- Steve Jobs

  • Financial & Business Performance

Sustainable growth


Most companies set cost targets based on last year's actual performance, adjusted for inflation or productivity improvement goals.


However, leading companies benchmark their costs and practices versus external organizations and establish targets based on what the "best of the best" are able to accomplish.


  • Is your only supplier management strategy, Cost Reduction?

  • Which additional processes should I consider moving into shared services to reduce costs?

  • Are there technologies that reduce transaction processing costs without requiring a six-figure investment?