Agriculture in New Zealand is the largest sector of the economy, contributing about two-thirds of exported goods.  For the year ended 2012, agricultural exports were valued at over $26 billion. New Zealand is often referred  to as “Clean, Green” with 50% forest, native vegetation and other native land cover, 39% pasture and only 1.6% for devoted to horticulture.  The sector is unique in being the only developed country to be totally exposed to the international markets since subsidies, tax concessions and price supports were removed in the 1980s and have to rely on innovation to drive efficiency and productivity.  


While the primary sectors’ productivity has continuously outperformed New Zealand’s wider economy, there are considerable opportunities to improve their skills, products and profitability.


Grapes for winemaking are grown from Northland to Otago spanning a distance of 1,600 kilometres, with each wine growing region possessing a distinct micro climate. There are just over 700 wineries in New Zealand, ranging from small boutique wineries to large company owned businesses. Around 50% of wine grapes are grown under contract for wineries by independent growers, with the rest grown by wineries themselves.  The wine industry has seen dramatic export growth over recent years achieving the milestone of $1.42 billion in annual sales in July 2015. The United States, United Kingdom and Australia are the main export markets by volume, accounting for over 75% of sales. 

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