Do you love what you do so much that you made it your business and became very good at it?  Or do you simply love leading your team of do-ers? Is your business keeping you up at night? Are you trying to be Superman or Wonderwoman? Do you find you are run ragged doing your job and running your business?  Has your business grown as much as you'd like?   Is it under threat?


We invite you to take off your superhero costume and enjoy your business and life again. Let us bring in the right skills you need at the right time to grow your business and keep it growing at the pace you want.  Like Goldilocks, not too much help, not too little. We only hire talented people.  People who ask themselves "How can we do this?" in place of answering "It can't be done". 


We have experience solving your problems.  Let us help you.  So you can sleep at night and enjoy your business again.


From turning-around current operations to looking for growth opportunities, we provide a wide range of services that will help set the strategic direction for the future growth of your company.  In the process, we keep things simple, reduce complexity and focus on delivery of efficiencies and productivity across the business.



  • Strategic Planning

  • Financial & Business Performance

  • Product & Service Roadmap

  • Market Positioning

  • Creative Design

  • Corporate Development





New Zealand’s primary sectors continue to be the predominant source of wealth generation for the country, dominating our exports and technology development.  The opportunities have never been greater and the risks so varied.  Whatever your ambitions, we can help make it happen. 



New Zealand construction continues to rise, with a sustained rate of growth not seen in the last 40 years, and an expected peak of $37b in 2017. This “wall of work” is creating unprecedented skills shortage and productivity gap.  We help businesses cope better during boom and bust cycles in an industry that gears itself up with a short term focus.   



Today, business and technology innovation are inextricably linked, and the demand for technology-enabled services is growing rapidly.  We’re passionate about digital, driven by disruption and challenge business as usual.  We combine innovative ideas with trusted business and technology experience to deliver results.


SG Consultants provides expert strategic planning, business performance and road mapping and much more. Our small-business agility allows us to tailor approaches to the distinct needs of clients across the globe. We bring the innovative insight needed to break the deadlock of inaction and uncover solutions to critical challenges


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